The Dreamer

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jpegShashi: an actor, wealthy, famous, and letting go of his career, his marriage, his mind, and now reality himself.
Lisha: creator of Stoneman, her own private fantasy world within a comic book. Fragile and alone, except for her mother.

In 1986, in Stonewall, Lancashire, Lisha doesn’t know she’s about to die. She doesn’t know that in the darkness outside three boys are circling her house with minds full of hate. And she doesn’t know that, seventeen years into the future, a drunken actor lies unconscious in London bed-sit fighting to save her life.

A mind-bending portrait of post-traumatic breakdown, and a timely critique of Britain’s celebrity and success-based culture, The
Dreamer is most of all a love story that unites Shashi and Lisha not only across time and space, but across death itself.