Praise for Professor Chandra Follows His Bliss

“This brilliant and eloquent novel, which puts into words so many unutterable annoyances, is a sort of Zen satire in which tolerance and understanding mingle with hilarious criticism of contemporary mores. It’s a wonderful read.”
—Wendy Holden, Daily Mail

“Uplifting literature, or up-lit as it’s called by publishers, is dominating the bestseller charts… One of the funniest is Professor Chandra Follows His Bliss by Rajeev Balasubramanyam… Beneath the comedy lie serious concerns. Wellness, capitalism, mollycoddled minds intolerant of political difference: Balasubramanyam’s issues are current.”
—Francesca Angelini, Sunday Times

“By turns charming and witty, this is an effortless, uplifting read that has many pertinent observations to make about family relationships.”
—Simon Humphreys, Mail on Sunday

“A gentle ride of a book that tackles all of life’s big questions and also manages to be very, very funny.”

“One of the funniest novels to be released in some time.”
Sunday Times

“Very amusing but also deeply moving.
Warm and witty – well worth a read.” 

“The charming story of a cynical mid-lifer… reconnecting with his children, moving to California, meditating in a yurt. A warm and funny account of one man’s attempt to be more chill.”
—Francesca Carington, Tatler

“Rajeev Balasubramanyam wields considerable humor, the perfect antidote to our polarized and exhausting present, while crafting a tender and thoughtful tale. This is an absolute gem of a book.”
—Shelf Awareness

“Recovering fuddy-duddy Chandra is a droll creation, and his journey of self-realization feels like the real thing.”
Kirkus Reviews